Our School

Robertson Road School caters for students in Years 1 to 8 and currently has 500 students.  We are a multicultural and diverse community of learners. The school is walking into it’s 56th year of teaching and learning and we are currently embracing the digital spaces with it’s myriad pathways for students, staff and whānau.


RRS school’s vision is ‘Aim High, Together We Fly’.

21st century future focused learning is one of the keys in unlocking a culturally responsive and innovative curriculum. Whanaungatanga (getting to know one another) is about relationship, kinship and a sense of family connection. It is created through shared experiences, working together and provides people with a sense of belonging. With it, comes rights and obligations, which serve to strengthen each member of that whānau or group.

RRS Be Attitudes are whānau friendly phrases embraced by staff and students alike – Be Safe Me Haumaru, Be Kind Me Atawhai and Be You Me Koe Nga Mihi.


Valued outcomes linked to this vision include children being:

  • confident in their identity, language and culture (Be You)
  • socially and emotionally competent (Be Kind)
  • resilient and optimistic about the future. (Be safe)



Wellbeing of our students and staff is vital and it is underpinned by the school values of respect, relationships, service and the cultural responsive framework of Teu Le Va (nurture the relationship).  Teu Le Va  equips our staff to connect culture and wellbeing.


There are 3 main aspects of Teu Le Va:

  • TEU LE VA – TEU: Beautify/Bouquet – Ensuring that the relational space between yourself and other is always smooth and beautiful and without any friction.
  • TAUSI LE VA – TAUSI:  Look after/Nurture – Ensuring that this “Va” is well maintained and in peace and harmony.  The “Va” is well looked after.
  • SOLI LE VA – SOLI: Stamped on – Knowing your boundaries/limits and ensuring that this “Va” is always respected.


Creating a common shared vision together with our students and their families creates a strong pathway for all our learners from Years 1 to Year 8.  It is the “togetherness” or whanau/aiga approach that underpins our Robertson Road culture and we believe that it reflects the authenticity of our community.


School Staff

Our RRS staff are fun loving and committed group of people.  They are looking forward to another year of innovative learning.

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Board of Trustees

Chairperson: Cherie Hagaitoa

Principal: Ravi Naidoo



Helen Tau’au-Filisi (parent trustee)

Tuini Paul (parent trustee)

Junior Tamati (staff trustee)

Roy Murupaenga (parent trustee)

Amit Chand (parent trustee)

Margaret Walker (minute secretary)


The BOT meets once a month on every last Monday of the month at 4.pm at school. Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings.


School Uniform

School uniform is compulsory. Please name all pieces of uniform. Clothing should be appropriate to the weather. Children should be encouraged to wear hats on sunny days.


Uniforms are available from NZ Uniforms

20/5 Lambie Drive, Manukau

Phone: 09 950 6747

Email: manukau@nzuniforms.com

Website: www.nzuniforms.com

Robertson Road School Pricelist 2022-2023

Policies and Procedures

Please visit the School Docs website for more information on our school policy.

Username : robertson

password : respect


Financial Audit 2021

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